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Improving Your Home's Efficiency

Nothing is more frustrating than staring at an outrageous power bill. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you might be left wondering how to pay a utility bill at some point in time. However, if you can learn how to take care of your air conditioner, your system might be more efficient than ever. I have been an HVAC enthusiast for the past twenty years, and I know what it takes to keep your system clean and functional. Use the articles on this blog to tidy up your system, prevent problems, keep your home comfortable, and save a bunch of money.

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Considering A New Cooling System For Your Building? Check Out The Benefits Of A Chilled Beam System

The higher cost of running a business in today's current economic hardships can be tough. Finding every way to save money in your daily operations can help a lot to keep your business profitable. Many business owners take a closer look at their heating and cooling systems when it comes to saving money on energy usage. If you have thought about the installation of a chilled beam system in your building for helping you lower your cost for cooling, check out the advantages of doing so.

What Is A Chilled Beam System?

Chilled beam cooling systems work in the ceilings of your building. The beams are long and shaped like cylinders and carry water through them. Because water has a greater density than air, it can carry more heat in a smaller space. Many chilled beam systems have small pipes and do not take up a large amount of space. One of the ways you save money for cooling costs is by the reduced amount of unused plenum space opened in the ceilings of your building for the installation of a chilled beam system.

Chilled Beam Systems Reduce Energy Costs

When hot air rises to the chilled beams in a ceiling, it passes through the chilled beams and falls back into the room as cool air. No additional air circulation is required for the cool air to fall and fill a room continuously in buildings cooled with a chilled beam system. The fewer fans you have running in your workplace, the less electricity will be used, thus lowering your overall energy costs for cooling. Increasing your profits can be easier when you are not paying high utility bills for just cooling your building.

The Long-Term Benefits Of A Greater Initial Investment

In most cases, the initial cost of chilled beam systems is expensive. However, when you compare your energy costs over the course of one hot season to the cost of having a chilled beam system installed, you can see how fast the investment will yield beneficial savings and pay itself off. Having a chilled beam system installed also will not cost you down time in your business because the entire installation is in the ceiling, meaning employees will not have to stop production to allow for it.

Your profits, especially during hard economic times, depend on you making the smartest, most cost-effective changes in your business. Learning more about the installation of a chilled beam cooling system in your building is smart. For more information, contact companies like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning.