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Improving Your Home's Efficiency

Nothing is more frustrating than staring at an outrageous power bill. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you might be left wondering how to pay a utility bill at some point in time. However, if you can learn how to take care of your air conditioner, your system might be more efficient than ever. I have been an HVAC enthusiast for the past twenty years, and I know what it takes to keep your system clean and functional. Use the articles on this blog to tidy up your system, prevent problems, keep your home comfortable, and save a bunch of money.

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How To Prep Your AC For Summer

Before summer begins, you will want to run through a basic checklist of things to do before you start to use your air conditioner from day to day. Over the winter, while you aren't using your AC, your system and ducts can gather dust in many places. So, you need to do some prep before you can use it again. There is even more prep work necessary if your building does not have heat, or if you hardly use your furnace, during the winter. This article explains a few basic things to do before you use your AC this summer.

Change your Filters

Air filters are the first thing you should do tend to. Many people neglect air filter replacement because it is so easy to forget. It is hard to notice when your filter actually need to be replaced because your can't see them. But, since air filters usually only last about 3 to 6 months. It is always a good idea if you replace them before summer begins, and before you start to rely on your AC on a regular basis.

Air filter replacement is easy, especially if you have your replacement filters on hand. Buying the filters in bulk is a good way to save money. Of course, every air handler will have slightly different designs, but the replacement of the filter is usually something that can be done in a matter of minutes, and without any special tools.

Dust Off the Registers

The next thing you need to do is clean all the dust off of the registers. There is bound to be dust buildup on the vent blades, and you don't want all of this dust blowing into your rooms as soon as you start up the AC. This can be easily done with a hose vacuum.

Check the AC Cabinet

Finally, before you start to use your AC every day, you should make sure that the actual air conditioning cabinet, the unit that is on the outside of your home, is clean and free of clutter. Many people store things on around the air conditioner, and you want to remove this stuff before you start use it. Similarly, if you actually cover your unit with an AC cover, you want to take this off so you don't damage anything when you power up your air conditioner.

If you can take care of your air conditioning system, you are going to get more out your AC as far as longevity and your monthly bills are concerned. For more information, contact a company like TCS Heating & Air Conditioning today.